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Mitchell PAC

Welcome to the Mitchell Elementary School Parent Advisory Council section.

To strengthen community and camaraderie at Mitchell, we encourage all parents and guardians to get involved, however you can, with Mitchell’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC).

All parents and guardians are considered to be members of PAC.  Our goal as members of the Mitchell Elementary School PAC is, to the best of our ability, advocate for our students and impact every student and their family in a positive way.

Some of the ways that the Mitchell PAC strives to help are:

  • Subsidizing school expenses such as field trips and events;
  • Providing each Mitchell student a free healthy snack on our annual June Sports Day;
  • Providing funds for supplies/equipment as needed, in collaboration with school administration;
  • Provide a scholarship for a former Mitchell school student graduating from Cambie and McRoberts Secondary Schools;
  • Providing funds to honour the Grade 7 graduating class at Mitchell.

The PAC meets monthly to discuss school matters, find ways to raise funds and to help staff plan special activities.  Doors are always open for parents and guardians to attend and participate in these meetings.

If you are interested in participating or volunteering with PAC, or if you'd like more information on PAC's role at Mitchell, please email .


PAC Meeting Updates from School Admin

To be posted soon