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School-Wide Dance

   During November, students and staff had the opportunity to work with instructors from Jess Dance to learn some new dance moves. Students and teachers collaborated throughout the week with instructors to create dance performances. The week culminated with a morning rehearsal where students were able to watch the other performances, as well as perform their own dance for the entire school. This was the warm-up for the afternoon performance where we were able to welcome in our parent community to watch their children perform.

   It was amazing to see the level of engagement in our students as they worked with other classes to perfect their dances. What was particularly rewarding was to see the confidence of so many students as they performed in front of a large audience. Many staff commented on how students who may typically be described as shy or reserved, looked completely at ease and in their comfort zones as they performed their dances. Our parent community was fantastic in supporting this performance as students performed in front of a full house. Many parents commented on how great it was for the community to be able to come together and celebrate the hard work of the students!

Updated: Friday, January 27, 2023