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Shifting Focus: Student Feedback

When we began to consider a shift in our school focus, it was important to staff that our shift of focus didn't come entirely from teacher observations and we wanted to get some student input. So in late April and early May we surveyed a sample of our student population to see how our students felt about how they were doing in their learning. Our simple survey focused on 2 questions for students: 1) Which subject do you like the most and feel the strongest in? 2) Which subject do you struggle with the most? While our survey focused on a limited number of students, it did provide us with a snapshot of how students are feeling about their learning that has helped inform further discussion. Subjects that students felt the strongest in were Math, Science, and English. A number of students also indicated they struggled with Math and English, and to our surprise, a number also indicated they struggled in Art. These results were further discussed in our June Professional Development Day, as we began to narrow down the possibilities for a new focus.

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021