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Parent Handbook


Parents requiring out of school child care are to make their own arrangements.  CHILDFIRST Out-Of-School Care and Kindercare does operate a before and after school day care at Mitchell School.  Inquiries and information about the CHILDFIRST daycare at Mitchell can be made by calling 604-276-8906.
The General Office area contains the offices of the principal and vice-principal, and the working areas for the secretaries.  Because of high demand, the office phones are for office and teacher use only.  In case of emergencies students may use the telephone in the medical room after gaining permission from their teachers.
We have a very busy parking lot and drop-off lane.  We are extremely concerned about the safety of our students.  When dropping off students, please drive as far through the drop-off lane as possible before stopping.  Drive slowly and be aware of children crossing.  If you must enter the school during these busy times, please park in the parking lot.  The South parking lot off of Cambie Road is for STAFF ONLY.  Also, please observe those spaces reserved for the handicapped.
All students are required to remain on the school grounds during the day.  If they have to leave for any reason, they must give a note given to their teacher.
EARLY WARNING - Please call:  (604) 668-6229
Each morning volunteers verify all unaccounted absences.  Your cooperation in telephoning in any absences (Early Warning phone number: 604-668-6229) or sending a note is appreciated.
Homework can be viewed in terms of:
• unfinished daily work
• an assigned homework exercise
• a long term project
• review in subject areas
• guided reading
Your child’s teacher will be able to give you specific details regarding homework assignments.  The school agenda is used as a means of communication between home and school.  Please review your child’s agenda daily.
In addition to the usual contacts made by parents and teachers as the need arises, formal written reports will be done three times each year, in early December, mid-March and the end of June.  Conferences with parents will also be held twice during the year.
Unless absolutely necessary, children should not have medication at school.  If your child requires medication of any kind, contact the office for the necessary forms.

Lunch time is from 12:20 - 1:05 p.m.  It is important to note that any student who stays at school for lunch must remain on the school grounds for the entire lunch period and may not leave without written permission from their parents and approval from the staff.  Students who stay at school for lunch are expected to exhibit responsible behaviour.
There is a lost and found box outside the library.  Students are encouraged to check for lost articles.  Parents are invited to visit the school anytime to check for missing items.  Unclaimed articles will be given to a charitable organization at the end of each school year.
All staff members are prepared to provide advice and assistance.  Students should not hesitate to seek help when required.  Our school counselor, Mrs. Ioannidis, is at Mitchell on Wednesday and Fridays mornings.  She is also available to provide assistance if there are difficulties with such areas as interpersonal relationships.
If your child is ill or injured we must know where to contact you; therefore, it is essential that the information we have on file is accurate.  Please ensure that you receive and fill out the blue emergency card at the beginning of the school year.
The Health Nurse works with school staff, parents and students to support healthy growth and development of all school aged children.  The nurse focuses on the following:
        • health education
        • health services for students
        • healthy physical environment
The Health Nurse will be visiting the school one half-day each week.  Referrals for her assistance are sometimes made by the classroom teacher.  She is also available for consultation if there is something specific about your child’s health.  Please contact the school office for more information.
In case of illness or injury, a trained First Aid staff member is available to provide emergency assistance to students.
The school has developed procedures to follow in event of a fire or earthquake.  Drills occur at least eight times during the year to ensure safety and efficiency for evacuation.