Parent Volunteers

Parent Volunteers

The staff and parents at our school believe that an effective school is one in which parents & the community support the school, participate in school activities and actively participate in children's learning by sharing skills & talents.  To this end, we encourage and value the contributions of parents to the educational life of the students.

Assistance is needed in a number of areas, such as:

  • Breakfast Club program
  • Hot Lunch Days
  • Early Warning program
  • school & PAC fundraising activities (Movie Nights, Halloween Dance)
  • special events (Sports Day, Meet the Teacher Potluck)
  • Playground fundraising


How to participate?
Contact a member of the PAC Executive Committee to suggest topics of interest to be discussed at the meetings or with any concerns you may have.  We value your opinion!

Attend monthly PAC meetings.  Communicate with PAC via email, on the Facebook page or by leaving a note with the Mitchell office staff.

Volunteer to help out at PAC events such as Hot Lunch Days, Sports Day and other activities.


Parent participation at Mitchell Elementary is needed & greatly appreciated.