Mitchell's StrongStart Program

StrongStart Centres welcome parents and other care providers and their children who are under kindergarten age. The programs are open Monday through Friday mornings and/or afternoons and are free of charge. You need to register your child one time only. Adults attend with their children to learn and play together. Activities are facilitated by Ms.Irina at Mitchell School.

Early childhood activities include:

* stories, songs, and puppet plays

* counting, sorting, and matching games

* Opportunities to play with other children

*Crafts, Puzzles, playdough, and more!

Mitchell StrongStart    
12091 Cambie Road 
ECE Educator - Irina Naverniouk - 604-295-6431 
Morning Program: Monday - Friday 8:45-11:15 
Outreach 11:15-11:45 
Afternoon Program: Monday - Friday 12:15-2:45 
Outreach 2:45-3:15